Unusual Jobs

Unusual Jobs

Some people have the most unusual jobs that you’ll probably ever see, with unusually large salaries.

The first is a horse rider other known as a jockey their salary is about $50,000 a year. A Jockey races horse at a track that people bet to earn money.

The next I chose was a bingo manager, the title is pretty self explanatory they run a bingo place. Which has a pretty high salary, the annual salary for a bingo manager is $51,000.

Next is a Bereavement Coordinator these people usually break bad news to people, these people are considered social workers.The salary for this is $52,328.

Next is a Sommelier they serve the wine in high class restaurants and he answers questions and suggests wine. Their salary is not as high but still up their its 50,868.

Enterostomal Therapist they have cut a hole in the stomach allows the drainage of fluids. The annual salary is $74,369.

The Prosthetist is a person who makes prosthetic legs for people who have lost legs or born like that. They make the second most out of all the jobs ve put in this list they make $67,938 a year.

Soil Conservationist they put plants down so the ground doesn´t erode. They make $62,228 a year.