Who Will Win the Super Bowl 2017

Who Will Win the Super Bowl 2017

According to Harvest students these teams are the top picks for this year are:



Eyes of the Hawk Staff Predictions:

JONAS HARVEY: The Green Bay Packers are an NFL team from Green Bay, Wisconsin.  I predict that the will win Super Bowl LI. They will win because they have a good defense with players such as Clay Matthews III, Julius Peppers, Lane Taylor, and HaHa Clinton-Dix.

Their offense is good, too. Their top offensive players are Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Eddie Lacy,and Randal Cobb. Over the past years they have won four Super Bowls. They beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 27-23 on September 11.


DOUG BOZZINI: Who is going to win Super Bowl 51? Now that´s the question everyone is asking. The team that went all the way to the Super Bowl last year was the Denver Broncos. They could have a chance this year except for the down affect that there star quarterback Peyton Manning has retired, Or will the Carolina Panthers seek revenge and come back and win the title.

Super Bowl 51 will take place on February 5, 2017. It will be a very warm super bowl in Houston, Texas. Personally I predict that the Raiders and the Cowboys will reach the super and the Raiders will WIN.  According to Harvest students a lot of them think the Oakland Raiders or the Carolina Panthers will take the title. A few students think the Broncos will take the title once again.


JORDAN CALDERON: I predict that the Green Bay Packers are going to win the Super Bowl in 2017 because they have the number 3 wide receiver Jordy Nelson, the number two quarterback Aaron Rogers ,and a overall average running-back Eddie Lacy.

I think Green Bay Packers have the best chance of winning because they are a good team and they don’t stop until the game is over and they will keep playing 100% until the game is over and they will win most of there games this season.

The Green Bay Packers have won 4 Superbowl’s and they are planning to win there 5th this season. Packers have put heart and soul into each game they play even if they loose they don’t give up they just keep practicing until they win.

Like the Green bay Packers quarter back said “To achieve success you need to find something to grab onto something to motivate you something that inspires you” that means not only are they a successful team but they inspire people they help them to achieve there dreams. They will stop at nothing and they put in hard work in  the game so that’s another reason why I think they have a good chance of winning the Super Bowl 51.