Most Unusual Pets that People Actually Keep!

Most Unusual Pets that People Actually Keep!

Whenever you want a pet you think of a dog, cat, or hamster.  But some people think of caring for more exciting animals:

Bearded Dragons-

Bearded Dragons are actually one of the easiest pet lizards to manage.  They eat such a variety of foods, it is super easy to feed them.  They are calm and slow moving, and are always unique so  you can’t find one the exact same. They can live up to 8 years or more.

Pygmy Hippos-

o-PYGMY-HIPPO-570.jpg (570×390)

Pygmy Hippos are one of the cutest pets you can get.  They normally live in swamps, rivers, burrows near swamps and rivers.  They eat foods such as vegetables, foliage ferns, grass, forest herbs, roots, fallen fruits, and shrubs.  Pygmy hippos are very calm and loving pets.


Potbellied Pigs-

Potbellied-Pig1.jpg (505×329)

Pot bellied pigs are very curious and odor-free pets.  The pot bellied pig needs a lot of attention.  They are spoiled and manipulative and need quite a lot of time and energy from their owners.  Although they can be stubborn at times, they are very easy to train.  They don’t bark like a dog, they are nondestructive,  and are low maintenance.  They only need an annual visit to the vet and have a low food consumption.    The pot bellied pig is odor-less and clean.  They are non- allergic for the most part, have no fleas, and have very little shedding.


Madagascar Hissing Cockroach-

largehisserr7.JPG (376×212)

Hissing Cockroaches are very wonderful pets.  They don’t bite or scratch.  They are slow and don’t mind a food absence so you can go on that dream vacation for a week.  Normally though they do eat dry cat or dog food, and fresh fruit such as bananas, apples, strawberries, oranges etc. You do want to remove the fruit after a few days though because you don’t want it to spoil in their cages.  Leafy greens like collard, turnip, and mustard greens are a good treat.  They communicate through breath which is their powered voice.



Fotolia_26280621_XS1.jpg (420×286)

Pet skunks are good pets as long as it is a domestic skunk.  They require a lot of attention and care, and are usually not destructive.   Their diet is normally frozen vegetables raw that are thawed, raw or cooked fresh vegetables, cooked poultry or fish, cooked grains, bread, nuts, and yogurt.  If they don’t have a healthy diet with too much sugar or to much fat, stress, unclean living conditions, and/or parasite infestation they’ll turn yellow.



scorpion-1.jpg (300×300)

Pet scorpions are good pets because they are low maintenance and only need to be fed a few times a week.  They eat loaded  crickets and meal worms.  If you own multiple it’s important that every one is fed to bring down the chances of fighting and cannibalism.  Although it is a pet I don’t recommend holding it because it can still can pinch you with their claws or sting you.  In the habitat you must have logs and/or drift wood so they can hide.  You don’t need to worry about lighting though.


Sugar Gliders-

Sugar gliders make good pets but need special care.  They do have sharp nails, that will scratch if they need to when climbing or landing, so keep them well trimmed.  Sugar gliders are very social animals so it’s best advised two keep them in in pairs or groups.  They live for 12-14 years and are fairly clean.  They aren’t aggressive but they do have sharp teeth and will bite if threatened or frightened.  They eat honey dew so they need fruit as a substitute.



2c336dde788a8b7fd1d911b2f7dc113b.jpg (600×400)

Capybaras are good pets but are ginormous.  They are a semi-aquatic animals so they need a lot of water at all times.  Capybaras live in groups out in the wild so get two at least if not more because one will not be good on it’s own.   They also need a lot of space outdoors.  DO NOT KEEP THEM INSIDE!!! They will chew on anything and everything they can find.  When keeping one you have to fence where you keep them or else they will run away and if that’s not enough they are super fast.



p02vwlmg.jpg (1280×640)

Tarantulas are very simple pets.  They need little attention and have very little needs.  You want to feed it 1-2 times a week and if you have a tropical tarantula you need to keep the humidity high.  I highly do NOT recommended trying to hold or handle it.  There should always be water in the enclosure along with some retreats and environmental enrichment like logs to climb and places to hide.  Crickets and flies make good food but make sure there are no crickets in the cage when the spider molts or else it will eat the spider.  Add potting soil with no minerals for moisture.



Image result for waLLAby

Wallaby’s require a fairly big amount of room because of their size.  They need enough room to run around and graze outside.  They need to be indoors when the temperature is below 50 Fahrenheit.  They eat chemical free grass, sweet grass, orchard grass, timothy hay, and fruits like apples and grapes(less sweet fruits), wallaby pellets,.  It is normal for them to lick their paws and arms, it cools them off.  It’s also normal for them to regurgitate their food before laying down and then re consume it. They also are good with other house pets, and aren’t aggressive.


Out of all these weird and strange pets which one do you think would be a fun and cool pet?  Let me done in the comments.