BYOD at Harvest

What is bring your own device (BYOD)?  BYOD is a policy that allows kids to bring their own personal devices to school as an alternative to the school providing laptops for the kids.

BYOD allows kids to keep up with the demands of the 21st Gentury, and helping students become more responsible with their devices and how they use them.

For the kids it is necessary for them to bring their device every day.  If they don’t, they have to write everything down on paper. Harvest Middle School allows kids to use the provided wireless access.

All students K-12 in this school district can bring their personal computing device. You can rent a device from the library and get a form signed.

BYOD is a good program for kids that don’t have access to the internet at home.  This is a good use for kids that would want to have their homework or schoolwork on their laptop or computer.

The preferred devices for school use are: laptops, Chromebooks, and i pads. Phones do not qualify.

Here are some comments from some students about BYOD:

“I think this is good because you can research things.”  -Joseph Dowling

“Good, so you don’t have to use the school computers.”  -Graciela

“It’s better to bring your own device.”  -Juliana Bullman

“Great, and gives you more options and it helps if you forget the homework.”  -Ida Killebrew

BYOD is a great way for your kid to start learning computer skills if they haven’t already.  BYOD is also a good use for homework, school work and learning computer responsibility.

For the teachers this is good for checking grades and helping students and more.  The cons of BYOD are that the students can be irresponsible with them like play games while they are supposed to be doing an assignment or listening to music; some teachers allow the students to listen to music while others don’t.  In conclusion BYOD is great for a school and students.

You can learn more about BYOD on the school website.