Most Popular Shoe at Harvest

Most Popular Shoe at Harvest

The Nike Air Jordan 2016 is the most popular sneaker in the world. What do you think the most popular shoe brand is here in harvest Nike, Adidas, DC?

I went around school and asked people what there opinion about there favorite shoe brand and why they preferred that particular brand over the others.

I personally  prefer Nikes more than other brands because they feel better on my flat feet when ever I am running/walking/standing etc.

Cristian Lopez 8th grade– Yeezys because they are comfortable and look cool but they are really expansive.

Phil Dulle 7th grade– Nike’s because they because they were one of the first shoes I ever got, they will last a long time and a perfect perfection

Jonas Harvey– Jordan’s because they are comfortable and look cool

Zoe Simotas-converse because they go with any outfit and are good for my really narrow feet

Ivan Sosa– Sketchers they are comfortable and because they are Velcro so I don’t need to tie my shoes