What Can You Do on a 5 Dollar Date?

What Can You Do on a 5 Dollar Date?

Some middle schoolers  these days want to go on dates, but they don’t have enough money because they don’t have a job. So you’re going on a date and you only have five dollars, where do you go? What do you do? Well, we went to different classes, to interview students to see what they would do in that case:

First we went to Mr. Fajardo’s class and they had some interesting answers.

Diana Avina says, “Go to Jack in The Box and get the tacos that are 2 for $1.”Image result for jack in the box

Yahir Pena says, “Go to Mcdonald’s and buy off the dollar menu.”  Image result for mcdonalds

Jose Garcia says, “Go to the Dollar Tree.” Image result for dollar tree


We then went to Ms. Fernandez class and asked these students and they also had some fascinating answers.

Maizy Armstrong-Brown says, “Go to Dutch Bros or Starbucks. ” Image result for starbucks

Ricardo Tinajero says, “Go to Mi Familia.” Image result for mi familia market

Karina Morales and Lizbeth Ruiz say, “Go to 7/11.”Image result for 711

Mikayla McDowell says, “Go to Taco Bell.”Image result for tacobell

Omar Campos says, “Go to a taqueria.”Image result for taquerias


We know it’s not a lot to spend, but these are good examples from students on where you could go for a five dollar date, where would you go?