Ten Quick Halloween Costumes

Ten Quick Halloween Costumes

Are you already thinking about what you’re going to be for Halloween? If you still have no clue, here are some Halloween costumes you might like for a group and if you want to go alone…

1. Harly Quin

2. A cat

3. A Nerd

4. Minnie Mouse

5. Zombie

6.  Sugar Skull

7. A character onesie

8. A Teenage Mutant Turtle

9. A soccer playing

10. Paint on any snapchat filter


These costumes are what students plan to or want to be for Halloween.

1.Clown: 6 of the people I interviewed wanted to be clowns. (No clown costumes at Harvest this year)

2. Morph suit. Morphs suits are full body tights, they cover your feet, arms, legs, hands, and chest.

3.Red hood: A good version of the joker.

4. Police officer

5. Gorilla: in honor of Harambe

6. A cat: or just whiskers with a black outfit and cat ears

7. Red riding hood: the more inappropriate version

8. A snap chat filter: as in the app

9. Nothing at all

10. Sumo