Lexi Lewis: Therapy Dog



In early evening of August 21, 2016, Lexi The Dog passed away in her sleep. Lexi, companion of the Lewis family, turned nine this year.

Lexi. a purebred boxer. was 8 weeks old when the Lewis’s adopted her. The lewis’s chose her from a breeder because the dog they had before was a rescue dog.

Mrs. Lewis got up that morning of August 21 and went to the living room to find Lexi seemingly asleep, but shaking her proved otherwise. Lexi must have recently died because rigor mortis had set (a state of death where the body enters a state where all muscles stiffen it lasts 1 to 4 days).

Lexi was first allowed to stay at Harvest Middle School under the premise of being trained as a therapy dog. Despite the no dogs allowed rule, the principal said it was ok as long as no one complained about her. Then we got a new principal and luckily he had the same requirements, so Lexi stayed to continue her training.

When Mrs Lewis dad passed 2 1/2 Lexi was there to comfort her. Then over this summer her mom passed and now Lexi is gone too. When asked for her favorite memory of Lexi, here is what she said: “Sometimes Lexi would run around in the back yard and when she came back inside there would be a piece of wheat or straw in her mouth like a farmer. she would than refuse to put it down and she would walk around for long periods of time like this.”

Another similar story was when a boy in her class was super sad and was sitting on the ground crying and people where trying to console him.  Lexi waked over and rested her head on his lap the boy started petting her and in a short while the boy had stopped crying.

Rest In Peace Lexi, we will all miss you.

Here are some cute pictures of Lexi so feel better