Thanksgiving around the World

Thanksgiving around the World

Thanksgiving is a really fun day, and so many people like to celebrate it in different ways. Here are some ways I found that people like to celebrate Thanksgiving.

1) American Thanksgiving: The first American Thanksgiving was held in 1621 on Plymouth Rock, when the Pilgrims came to America. They had a feast with the Native Americans living there, eating turkey, mashed potatoes, fish, and more.

2) Canadian Thanksgiving: Did you know that Canada celebrated Thanksgiving before the Pilgrims did? Explorer Martin Frosbisher landed safely in the New World in 1578, he had a small feast to celebrate his arrival.

3) China’s Mid-Autumn Moon Festival: This festival is a celebration of family and friends to enjoy the end of the harvest season. It is also one of China’s biggest holidays, held on the 15th day of the 8th lunar moon.

4) The Jewish Feast of the Tabernacles: The Jewish Feast of the Tabernacles is also commonly known as Sukkot, which signifies the end of harvest season. It is traditionally outside in makeshift huts, to remind them of the Israelites’ journey across the desert.

5) Liberian Thanksgiving: Liberian Thanksgiving is mostly the same as the American Thanksgiving, because Liberia was founded by American slaves. The Liberian Thanksgiving is celebrated in the first Thursday in November. Though they have mostly the same traditions, they like to use more spices.