Tardy/absent excuses

Here in the United States, kids use the excuse that they are sick. They use that excuses because you have to believe it. Kids tend to make a lot of excuses for being either tardy or absent to school. They come up with the craziest things! Here are some things that kids use for being tardy or absent.


  • My alarm clock didn’t go off
  • I couldn’t find my binder and it took me a while to find it
  • The bus was late
  • I was sick
  • I thought it was Saturday
  • My car broke down
  • I went to the store this morning
  • I had a doctors appointment
  • I had a dentist/orthodontics appointment
  • I was out of town.

As you can see there are many more… Teachers usually believe these. They could be true. If you were a teacher would you believe them? Have you ever used any of these excuses? Some kids would do anything to get out of class. If you are a student have you used any of these excuses? Or if you are a teacher have you had a student that used any of these excuses? Some of these excuses students have been using for a long time!