Best Horror Video Games


Everyone loves to be scared. Even if you don’t like horror the adrenaline rush is awesome. And that’s why in an attempt to add a little fear to our Halloween story we have decided to put together a list of the scariest video games. Yhis list will be sorted based on scariest plot, scariest visuals, scariest atmosphere, scariest sounds, most scarring, and all above scariest.

F.N.A.F. (don’t judge it has a scary story)

The F.N.A.F. series is scary that can’t be denied the plot is a story about a night security guard who is watching over the animatronics at a chain of children restaurants with animatronic animals who have a dark secret. A mysterious man in purple who it is reviled to have lured children into the back room in a golden Freddy springlock suit (springlocks are suits designed as a group of pieces which lock together using the springlocks to click together with a person inside so that they can have an actual person instead of an endoskeleton on stage.) Then this purple man kills the kids and stuffs their corpses into the suits of the animatronics. The animatronics than go on hunt at night looking for the man who killed them. Unfortunately their crusade against the man in purple causes you to become their target since you inherited the purple man’s job, a night guard. Eventually you find the purple man trying to kill you as the night guard at the Fazbear Fright by dressing in a golden bonnie spring trap, but in the end the souls of the four children he killed came back to kill him in the spring trap suit.


SOMA is a psychological horror game from the creators of  the Amnesia series. This game is a choice based horror game which revolves around the idea of  creating a atmosphere that makes you ask if you are even human. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic underwater facility that created the Ark. The Ark is a gigantic supercomputer designed to upload human personalities onto a virtual paradise. The graphics are beautiful with the true horror being the fear of becoming less than human. The monsters were all once human and are now not, but that is the only similarity. They  all died in completely different ways but they where re-animated by the true villain an AI. Not a crazy rouge one, but an AI doing its job which is to save humans. The visuals, atmosphere, and story are all scary in their own ways. with a scaring terrifying story willed with re-animating corpses, killing the last living human and killing yourself you are sure to be in for a fun and mentally scaring time.


Ever want a more immersive experience for horror? Boot up Nevermind. Nevermind is a horror game that tells a sad tale of a little girl who lost her father. You go through her house and collect notes to put together the story of the game. Now, I bet you’re wondering, how is this immersive? Well, while you’re playing the game, there is a pulse monitor strapped to you. This pulse monitor is set to make the game scarier the more your pulse quickens. Most jumpy people will find their pulses slowly getting faster, and then the game getting scarier, until most find themselves slowly spiraling into a darker and darker world. Have fun…………