Napa Community Leaders Encourage Better School Lunches in NVUSD


In the recent years kids have been complaining about their school lunches and why they aren’t good. This causes some students to not eat anything for lunch because they did not pack a lunch, and they also do not want to eat school lunches.

The good news is that the Napa community leaders are trying to encourage better school lunches at NVUSD. Many students and adults went to taste the meals at Napa Food Day and have confirmed a winner, Fume Bistros Terry Letson. Terry has included the following things into his meal, Parmesan and whole-wheat bread crumb-crusted chicken breast served atop brown rice, broccoli florets, carrots and oven roasted corn, with cherry and raspberry relish on the side.

This change in NVUSD’s school lunches could reduce Napa Country’s problem with obesity and diabetes. The argument was backed up by statistics and remarks at Napa Food Day by Dr. Karen Relucio, Napa Valley’s public health director.

Many people believe that school lunches should improve because of all the students suffering obesity and diabetes. The NVUSD causes students and parents to make lunches, which decreases the amount of money the lunch and snack servers make. With many complaints and children becoming more obese, the menu is hopefully expected to change soon.