Top 10 Most Played Video Games


There are many popular video games, but I will be naming the 10 most played video games. Do you play video games? If so which ones? I will also tell you a little bit about the games. So now here are the top 10 most played video games.


  • World of Warcraft-This game was released November 23,2004. This is also a multiplayer game. Many people play this game.
  • Minecraft- This was released October 7,2011. This game was published by Mojang. In this game if you connect to the same wifi as your friend you can play in the same world as each other.
  • League of Legends-This was released October 27,2009. This is also a multiplayer game, and a battle game.
  • Dota 2-This was released July 9,2013. This is also a multiplayer game with a battle arena.
  • Grand Thieft Auto V- This was released September 17,2013. This is an action video game.
  • Smite- This was released March 25,2014. This is a 3rd person multiplayer game. This is also a battle arena game.
  • Fallout 4- This was released November 10,2015. This is a 4 action role-playing video game.
  • Pac-Man- This was released May 22,1980. You can play this game on many different devices.
  • Gulid Wars 2- This was released August 12,2012. This is also a multiplayer game.
  • Final Fantasy- This was released December 18,1987. This is a fantasy role-playing video game.

Have you played any of these games? Or are you familiar with any of them? Image result for most played video games