The Memes

This list will be on memes or captioned pictures, what the memes are from and what the memes and pictures are. A meme is a captioned picture with a popular picture. For instance, there’s this picture:
confesses to murder on his death bed makes a miraculous recovery Bad Luck Brian

Here’s the list:

10.  Sponge bob (as in the show)Image result for spongebob memes

9. Ken Bone (this a actual persons name)Image result for ken bone memes

8. Family guy (another show that’s popular on adult networks and Netflix)Image result for family guy memes

7. One does not simply (the phrase)Image result for one does not simply memes

6. Bad luck Brian (its intentionally bad picture)Image result for bad luck brian

5. Y U no ( the second  phrase of the list)Image result for y u no memes

4.  Futarama fry ( a character in a show that’s almost as popular as family guy)Image result for take my money memes

3. Dat boi (a frog on a unicycle)Image result for dat boi memes

2. Pepe the froeg (a frog and the misspelling was intentional)Image result for pepe memes


1.  Herambe ( A monkey who was shot because a small boy fell into his enclosure and began dragging the child around)Image result for harambe memes