Election day

Election day

By: Allen Avila

Election day was a great day for Trump supporters. Hillary’s voters were amazed that Donald won after all the bad things he said. But people have a reason to not vote for Hillary.

Trump got a total of 290 electoral votes and Hillary got 232. Although Hillary did get the most popular vote, Trump got the required amount of electoral votes. People are hoping that this new president will be good, but the standards are high considering the last president turned the country around.

One thing that put Donald in the lead was that he got a lot of key swing states like Florida and Ohio. One state that helped Hillary was California because there are 55 electoral votes. Trump had started off really good leading with Florida and most popular vote.

Even if Trump is a bad president, he can only be president for 4 years then he has to be elected again. Maybe Hillary will try again in four more years. Both candidates were very good but one got the upper hand. Whoever got the most swing states won.