Most Popular Christmas Trees

Most Popular Christmas Trees

During Christmas you all ways have a Christmas tree, but what kind do you get? These are the most famous types of Christmas trees.

Scotch Fir

Image result for Scotch firImage result for Scotch fir branch

Canaan Fir

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White spruce

Image result for white spruce christmas treeImage result for white spruce christmas tree branch

White Pine

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Colorado Blue spruce

Image result for colorado blue spruceImage result for colorado blue spruce branch

Balsam Fir

Image result for balsam firImage result for balsam fir

Douglas Fir

Image result for douglas firImage result for douglas fir branch

Norway  Pine

Image result for norway pineImage result for norway pine branch

Fraser Fir

Image result for fraser firImage result for fraser fir branch

You can buy trees in Napa at Steve’s Trees, the Christmas Tree Lot at Home Depot, and Big Ranch Tree Farm.  There are also places like Moon Mountain Tree Farm in Sonoma and ABC Tree Farm in America Canyon.  So during this Christmas season stop by and pick up a tree.  And leave in the comments which one you like the best.