Christmas Traditions Around School


Since Christmas is coming we decided to write a story on Christmas traditions our HMS Hawks do with their families over winter break. We got most of the same answers like spending time with family.

Our hall monitor Bob said “We get together at my house and we make homemade ravioli because my wife is Italian”

Our school counselor Mr.Martinez said, “We go to my oldest  brothers house all my sisters in laws and my girlfriend help my mom to make tamales and we talk about the past the good and the bads.”

Mr. Meeks, the Design Cycle teacher told us, “We have a family reunion on Christmas Eve at his sister-in-law’s house, then Christmas morning we wake up to open our presents at my house, and for dinner,we go to my wife’s parents house.”

Pedro the custodian, told us ” We have a big party with the family and we make tamales.” “Once it’s 12:00 am, we open just one present, and on Christmas morning we open the rest.”

The following are our favorite our very own HMS Hawks.

Grace Sedgley said, ” We get in our pajamas and watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation while we decorate our tree.”

Xilatly Torres told us with excitement, “We go to my aunt’s house and we eat posole and tamales.” We also do secret Santa, then we dance and sing.” “After all that craziness, we open the rest of our gifts at 12:00 am.”

Isaiah Orozco told us, “We open our presents on Christmas morning along with our stockings full of snacks and goodies.” “After we gather around at my grandpa’s house and we eat some delicious monkey bread.” “Later, we go out and look at all the interesting Christmas lights.”

Last but not least I said (Diana Calderon), “My parents and I drive to Omaha, Nebraska to go over and visit my grandma and the rest of the family over there.” ” Once settled, at about 8 pm, we gather around with everyone and celebrate Jesus birth, after that we eat tamales, posole, enchiladas, and we drink atole or champurrado.” “At 12:00 am we open all our presents and on Christmas morning, we go out and build snowmen.”