If Harvest Middle School Chose the President Who Would Have Won?



A FEW days before the 2016 Presidential Election we opened a poll that asked the Harvest Middle School students “If you could vote, who would you vote for to become president?”   The poll was anonymous, so the students were able to show their true opinion.

We had 58 people vote all together.

4% of the votes went to Evan McMullin

6% of the votes also went to Jill Stein

6% of the votes went to Gary Johnson

 35% of the votes went to Donald Trump

and 50% of the votes went to Hillary Clinton.

So if the election was in the hands of middle school students here at Harvest, the results would have been very different. We would have had our first woman president, Hillary Clinton!

Would you have been happier with who was elected president if the Harvest Middle School students were able to choose who won?