What does HMS do on their Christmas Break?


This week we are asking students and teachers at HMS what they do over Christmas break. Many of the popular things that students do over Christmas break are: traveling, visiting with family or even eating a delicious feast.

Here are some people that we asked what they do on their Christmas break.

Katie Haubold-“I go to Tahoe to ski and snowboard.”

Sophia Naiburg-” Buy a Christmas tree and visit my family and celebrate my brothers birthday”

Nathaniel Alvelo-“Play video games.”

Samantha Ramirez-“Make tamales, visit family over the weekend, drink hot chocolate with bread all day, celebrate Christmas.”

Mr.Paniagua-“I read a lot, I spend a fair a lot of time with my extended family, I do work around the house that I can’t do after school.”

Natalia Sanchez-“I don’t do anything.”

Giovanni Barbosa-“I play video games.”

Ike Rubin-“I sleep in, play music, go skiing, eat a lot of cake!!!!”

Jed Rubin-“I just hang out at my house open presents and go skiing.”

Alyssa Michie-“I go to a cabin for new years, but stay at home for Christmas”

Berenice Marcello-“Go to Lake Tahoe”

Special thanks to Katie, Sophia, Nathaniel, Sam, Mr.P, Natalia, Gio, Ike, Jed, Alyssa, and Berenice for letting us interview and post their plans.