Marijuana Legal in California

Marijuana Legal in California


Should marijuana be legal? Prop 64 asked that very question, but only for California. This was one of the major propositions for California.

A lot of  people and a lot of teens already occasionally smoke marijuana. About 45% of teens have used marijuana before they graduate from high school. What are marijuana’s short-term effects? The short term effects of marijuana can include:

Euphoria (high).  When you smoke Marijuana the mind changing chemical THC setts off the pleasure center in a similar way to other drugs of abuse.

Memory impairment.  THC changes the way your brain can think and react.

Negative mental reactions in some. Marijuana causes many different mental reactions such as: anxiety, fear, distrust, or panic. The people who are most at risk of the negative mental reactions are people who are trying it for the first time.

Physical changes When you smoke marijuana you get an increased appetite (“the munchies”) a higher heart rate or sleep issues.

Marijuana shows considerable promise for treating medical conditions including pain, muscle spasms, seizure disorders and nausea from cancer chemotherapy. At least some of those benefits are thought to come from cannabidiol, a chemical component of the marijuana plant not thought to produce mind-altering effects.

But there’s a lot left to learn about this and other chemical compounds in marijuana. Recently, the Senate recommended $800,000 for an Institute of Medicine study on medical marijuana, and has also encouraged the National Institutes of Health to support more research on cannabidiol.

Marijuana is now legal in California, it will be much easier to get, so that means a lot more people will be smoking it, but teens especially will be trying to get it. However, they might not know what can and most likely will happen when trying it. The best thing kids can do to try and help them selves is to learn a lot about the side effects make an educated choice for themselves.