Inside the Napa Valley Film Festival 2016

Reflections on the Red Carpet Experience

Inside the Napa Valley Film Festival 2016


My experience at the Napa Film Festival was breathtaking. Getting to interview people who are complete strangers to you, and knowing things about them but they don’t know much about you probably makes it ten times better. You had to have a lot of perseverance going into this no matter what the consequences, you just had to risk it all and go straight into it. To describe it from my perspective, I was constantly thinking to myself  “It’s going big or go home” or “Once you introduce yourself there’s no going back.” But once you started talking and interviewing with the Director, Producer, or Actor whoever it may be all your nerves melt away, you realize that they’re just regular people who have pursued their dreams. My favorite interview probably has to be my first red carpet. I was so nervous yet so excited; I got to interview Viggo Mortensen, Matt Ross, and Glenn Powell. (I know some things about Viggo I just don’t want to spoil stuff ψ(`∇´)ψ) My favorite part was when Glenn said: “By the way you two are kicking ass.” Overall, if someone offered me another opportunity to do this again I totally would!


During the Napa Valley Film Festival, myself and my group of peers went around to different events, interviewing and honestly having the time of our lives. It was amazing to be able to interview different celebrities, getting to know them personally and doing more research each day. Dressing up also played a part of it and overall the experience was something I could never forget. Everyone we interviewed was nice, and just incredible to spend time with. Many of the people we interviewed were either actors/actresses or directors. Some films were sad and even made us cry, while others were uplifting and just inspiring in general. If I got the opportunity to attend again, I have no doubt that I would. However, it was somewhat disappointing, especially since it’s Napa, that we couldn’t attend some events because we weren’t of the legal age. The first interview was very nerve racking, especially since it was our first. Two of us, myself included may have had a few panic attacks, but with ease we got through it. Overall, if I had to take one thing from this experience, I would take everything. I feel like overall, this boosted my confidence being a girl, and it also showed me that I can prove that I can do what everyone thought I wasn’t able to. I’m very grateful to have gotten this experience, and I would definitely take this again.


My experience at the film festival  was fun, exciting, and nerve wrecking. I loved getting to meet and see some of my favorite actors, although it was scary at the same time. I loved to see the different movies and being on a red carpet was really cool! It was fun and a great experience. It definitely helped me with my anxiety. I struggle with talking to other people sometimes, but by doing this, I think I have improved my social skills. My favorite parts of interviews are when the actors or directors we were interviewing would say we’re doing a good job. It made me feel better and helped me relax a bit. My favorite part out of the whole thing would probably be when Mr. Paniagua said to Bella and I “You know, if you had said you were going to the Gala, they probably would have let you in. You both look so grown-up!” It was funny, and kind of cool. That also helped me relax. I loved all of the interviews, and I don’t think I could really pick a favorite moment, interview, or day. The Film Festival was the most fun, cool, exciting, nerve wracking, and scary thing I’ve ever done! I’m sad it’s over, but if given the opportunity to do it again, I would!!


My experience at the Napa Valley Film Festival was amazing. I am so glad I got this opportunity because it was so cool to take what we learned in our journalism class, and put it to the test on real actors, actresses, and directors. All of the people I got to interview inspired me to follow my dreams because it is possible to pursue them, and they are the ones to prove that. Each and every one of them were very nice and a lot easier to talk to than I expected, because I have to admit that I was nervous. But this nervousness progressively decreased with each interview. Every one of the interviews I took part in were very different from each other which makes it hard to pick the one I liked the best since they all were completely amazing, and all the time we took researching and developing questions for them definitely paid off! But overall I feel that this experience motivates me to continue in the career path of journalism, since I was able to have a glimpse into the reality of the job and completely fell in love with it.