Pokemon Sun and Moon Released

Pokemon Sun and Moon Released

Exciting news all Pokemon trainers young and old! Both Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon have come out!

This game is the 7th installment in the long-running Pokemon game series. It has been long awaited due to its exciting (and long necked) new alola forms and the new powerful Z moves.

This game will feature many new Pokemon, probably 100+. Along with that, it is no longer chibified and has normally sized, yet cartoony, characters and NPCs. They have added two new features, called z-moves and alolan forms.

First, z-moves. Z-moves are a special attack that can only be used once per battle. It is type specific, but some are special to specific Pokemon as well. These are super powerful and have a cool animation to go with them as well.

Here are a few examples: http://www.tubechop.com/watch/8566569

Second, alolan forms. These are Pokemon from previous games, redesigned and with new types. I will have examples at the end of this article. For example, a fire type fox called vulpix, now has a new form which is ice type and all the flames have turned into mini-glaciers.

There is also a short palm tree that grew a long neck. And that’s it. Oh no, wait… I’m being told that that long neck made it into a DRAGON type. Yep you heard that right even if you are a palm tree if you grow one hell of a neck, you become a dragon. New life hacks coming every day!

Also as if that wasn’t silly enough Your Pokedex is now possessed. Yup. Remember rotom? (for all you non-poke nerds he is a Pokemon with the power to maintain electronics.) Well, now there is one in your Pokedex. And believe it or not, the incredible power this Pokemon that has the ability to maintain electronics and gives them power gives you is… You can take pictures of Pokemon. Yep, a Pokemon that can possess devices and make the superpowered gives you the power of photography.

There is a bit more, but that contains spoilers so that I won’t mention it in the main article. If you want to see those spoilers, fair warning underneath the picture are the spoilers. The spoilers will be the next paragraph only.


Just to sum up what you may see, there are two teams that work in the alola region, seemingly working against each other. You have team skull and the aether foundation. These teams seem to be trying to attain the power of the ultra beasts, a lot of which based off the seven deadly sins. You have five ultra beasts, ranging from UB-01 to UB-05. If you want names and images go here: http://pokemon.wikia.com/wiki/Ultra_Beast. You also have the starters. The fire cat Litten, the siren popplio, and the grass owl rowlett.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have fun with it! It came out November 18th and it’s already out, so have fun and keep on catching them all!