Gift Ideas 2016


It’s Christmastime, and everyone’s thinking about what to get their friends that will make people smile. If you’re having trouble picking out gifts for your friends and family, here are 10 ideas on what to get them for the holiday season.

Gifts for friends

  1. Sports equipment.
    If your friends play sports, you can get them fun or decorative gifts based on sports.
    For example, a poster of a soccer star or accessories with basketballs or tennis balls on them.
  2. Art supplies.
    If your friend is into art, you can get them a simple sketchbook, because all artists need more of those, or you could buy them a canvas and some paints.
  3. Stocking stuffers.
    If you’re thinking of buying all of your friends presents, candy is the way to go. You can make gift bags with cookies, candy, and other presents.
  4. Jewelry.
    You can get the greatest deals on earrings, necklaces, and infinity scarves, and they usually don’t cost that much, so these are a great gift ideas for friends.
  5. Electronic gifts.
  6. Your friends will love presents like headphones, cool phone cases, or iTunes gift cards that you can use on apps or music.Gifts for your family.
  7.  Decor.
    If your parents like wall decals or lights, then you can get them canvases of their favorite animals or places in the world.
  8. Homemade gifts.
    There is nothing parents love more than drawings or homemade presents from their kids. It’s the thought that counts, right? It’s easy, free, and thoughtful.
  9. Coupon books.
    In these books you can put coupons like free hug, or free ice cream. These are perfect for siblings, or parents. They are easy and free.
  10. Personalized gifts.
    If you want to splurge this Christmas, then personalized gifts are really cool. You can get a hat with someone’s name on it, or a sweatshirt with their initials. You can also get pictures uploaded onto shirts, and other gifts.I hope this article helped you with gift shopping this year.