New Years

New Years eve is a holiday that celebrates the departion of an old year and the introduction of a new year. People have their own traditions and plans.  Staying up until midnight is an old tradition that most of the world celebrates together, but that is not all that people do.  Some people go to social gatherings.  They dance, eat, and sometimes drink alcoholic beverages (not promoting that in any way though).  Others go and watch fireworks to mark the new year.  Families will stay in their nice and cozy homes and watch the ball drop.  Some couples do a midnight kiss, and if you kiss at midnight on new years you will have a year of luck in love.  Staying up until midnight is hard though so some people with young children, or elderly couples don’t stay up until midnight.  But younger couples go out or have raging parties.  We asked a few HMS scholars what they do on new years.

Sophia Naiburg-“I go to my friends house because they have a party and stay there until 1 A.M”

Ashley McDowell-“I go to my cousins house and stay until 10 and then go back to my house and stay up until midnight, and light mini fireworks, and watch the ball drop.”

Mr.Paniagua-“I go to bed early”

Natalia Sanchez-“I go to my grandma’s house”

Samantha Ramirez-“I go to my cousins house and celebrate until 3 in the morning.”