Celebrating New Year’s Day


New Year’s is a celebration that signifies the start of a new year. Many people count down to the last second until midnight, but some people do different things on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Here are some things that Harvest students like to do on New Year’s Eve:

“I get together with my family and we have a celebration.” -Brenda

“My family travels to Yosemite.” -Marisol

Here are some things that Harvest students’ New Year’s resolutions:

“I want to get better grades.” -Lucia

“For the new year, I want to be more organized.” -Maddy

“I will try to go to more S.A.L. activities.” -Conner and Elliott

“I’ll try to help more people.” -Jackson

So, as you can see, the students at Harvest Middle School are really excited about the New Year, and they are going to be busy during the new year doing things to help others or improve themselves. I hope everyone follows through on their new years resolution and that everyone at Harvest Middle School has a great new year.

HAPPY 2017, HMS!