What Do Harvest Students Prefer In-Store or Online Shopping?

For Ages Kids,Teens,Adults,and even Seniors  seem to be addicted to stores whether  it is in stores or on-line. So I have decide to investigate which one Harvest Students prefer shopping for the holidays.

Here are the opinions of  Harvest Students on the topic:

  • Brooke Knauer  “For clothes I would definitely shop in stores so that i can see what my size is .”
  • Peter Leyva ” Online maybe there’s a better deal you never know.”
  • Jordan Blackmon ” For sure online so that way I don’t have to go out.”
  • Karen Sepulveda “If i’m buying shoes then online because I already know my size.”
  • Peyton Trent ” In stores because maybe it does not look good on me.”
  • Carolina Calderon ” I’d choose in stores because I don’t know I get to go out.”
  • Kelly Leighton ” I mean in stores cause I don’t trust online.”
  • Vannesa” I prefer shopping  in stores because that way i can see how I look in it.”
  • Jordan Calderon ” I choose Online because its just easier you type whatever you want and then it just pops up.”
  • Jonas Harvey ” In-Store shopping because if I wanted clothes I would like to try them on first.”
  • Diana Calderon ” In-Store because sometimes you get stuff for free.”

From all of this information I discovered that most Harvest Students Prefer shopping In stores for the holidays. I would have to agree . I could go on about my opinion on both but I decided to go on to the internet and see what the world also thinks about In Store or On line shopping. Here is the information I gathered U.S. consumers in stores will reach $5 trillion by 2020, according to E Marketer. In fact, 85% of consumers say they prefer to shop in- stores, according to TimeTrade research. And, if given the opportunity, 71% of consumers said they would even prefer to shop at an Amazon store over Amazon.com.