Gears Of War 4

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Gears of war is a multiplayer game based in 3rd person. The game is 6th in its the series. The series is a fan favorite and loved by many players of the game. This game is consists of many modes including:


Horde: Horde team up with four others and battle wave after wave non stopping difficult enemies by choosing your combat class leveling up your character and deploying structures to help you survive the beasts known as locus. The match goes up to wave 50 every 10 wave a boss will appear. You can select any of  4 difficulties casual normal harden and insane.


Campaign: Campaign in gears of war 4 is following the past campaigns in gears of war 1 2 3 and judgement. The campaign is based on new creature living under the mines were they buried the previous monsters. They buried the previous monster because they couldn’t burn them because the way they were developed. In the future the heroes of the game before are old and still bad ass. The future arrived and there are new monsters including robots. The good people known as the cog from previous games have now turn bad to defeat the outsiders. The outsiders are the one defeating the locust and the creature to defend citizens when the cog is not alerted to the current situation.

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