What people eat for christmas


ashley mcdowell, staff writer

There are a ton of different things people eat for dinner. Some people have a dinner tradition and some other people eat something different every year. Do you have a tradition or do you eat something different? Now I will name peoples name and name the food that they eat every year.

Sophia Naiburg- “I eat sweet potato pie every year and cake.”

Alyssa Michie- “I eat salad every year.”

Nathaniel Alvelo-“For Christmas tradition my family customizes a ginger bread man and eats it on Christmas eve.”

Sofia Avala- “I love to eat green not red tamales.”

Annie Sanchez-“On Christmas my fam eats lime jello with mandarin, pears, and cherries in it.”

Shawna Hoxsie-“Grandmas homemade cinnamon rolls.”

Sheila Torres-“Grandmas brownies.”

Luisa Ortega-“Grandmas hot chocolate.”Image result for christmas dinner

Katie Haubold-“I drink hot chocolate”

Douglas Bozzini-“Hot chocolate, bacon, and croissants and pancakes.”

Brooke Knauer-“I usually have cookies.”

I think all of these foods are delicious and I can’t wait for

I think that having traditions is great and Christmas is the perfect time to have quality time with your families and celebrate those traditions. I hope that everyone has a great holiday season and remembers to have a merry Christmas.