What do kids want for Christmas?

What do kids want for Christmas?

Many people have no idea what to get people for Christmas, so I am here to help out. However, instead of creepily spying on them with some magic snow globe or something, I have just straight up asked some people what they want. Here are a few answers from some of the people I interviewed.

Timothy Johnson said:  ” I want an Xbox One S”

Gianni Sanchez said: “A new Phone Case for my phone”

Christian Lopez said: ” A Jet Black iPhone 7″

Samantha Ramirez said: “A life…….”

Juan Sanchez said: “Launch pad”

Jed Rubin said: “I would like a windows PC made for gaming for Christmas.”

Brooke Knaur said: “I dunno. I would just probably ask for clothing.”

Natalia Sanchez said: “I want my dog back.”

Mr. Paniagua said: “I would like more books for my Kindle”

Giovanni Barbosa said: “Nothing really. Whatever other people want.”

Comment down below what you would like! Or don’t. That’s fine too…

Merry Christmas.