HMS Critter Club

Critter Club at Harvest Middle School is during milk break on Tuesdays in Mrs.Lewis’ room and on Thursdays in Mrs. Flemming’s room.  People volunteer to clean and care for all the little critters, such as cleaning cages, clipping nails, and comforting cuties.

There are almost the exact same animals in both 7th grade science classes.  That includes Bearded Dragons,Guinea Pigs, and Snakes.  Critter Club needs more volunteers! On average there are about 6-10 constant volunteers.

Critter Club also accepts any donations such as, guinea pig food, frozen rats, and crickets.  All the expenses add up and it really helps if there are donations to bring down the amount due.

 In Mrs.Lewis’ room there is-

Bolt the Guinea Pig

Orbit the Guinea Pig

Houdini the Snake

Small fish

Fire Bellied Toads


the Bunnies

Winnie the Puppy

In Mrs. Flemming’s Room there is-

Oreo the Guinea Pig

Cinnamon the Guinea Pig

Bob the Snake

the Bearded Dragon

Small Fish


There are also Chinchillas in Mrs.Flemming’s Room, but Critter Club doesn’t interact with them very much.  If anyone is interested it is never too late to show up and help. Try to come by every Tuesday and Thursday at milk break to help out.