Bestselling Games Yet


Today, I have made a list of the top 5 bestselling games ever, so I hope you enjoy!

       5. 1999:Pokemon Gold/Silver

Console: Game Boy Color
Units Sold: 23.10 Million

It’s brilliant from a marketing standpoint. Change the name, add some imaginary monsters, cash check, kick it in Bali.

     4. 1984:Duck hunt

Console: NES

Units Sold: 28.3 Million

With the arrival of the NES in the states, Atari’s days were all but numbered.Duck Hunt was a massive success thanks largely in part to the iconic light blaster.

3. 1989:Tetris

Console: Game Boy
Units Sold: 30.6 Million

This Russian puzzle game was bundled with the first generation Game Boy. Parents could be seen playing the title as much as their kids.

    2. 1996:Pokemon Red/Green/Blue

Console: Game Boy

Units Sold: 31.37 Million

Ok, get used to seeing this franchise. It reached kids’ brains around the world and took hold like the Ebola virus.

  1. 1985:Super Mario Bros

Console: NES
Units Sold: 40.24 Million

Originally titled Jump Man, Mario got his now famous name from Nintendo of America’s pushy Italian landlord, Mario Segale.