Christmas=Trash,Trash,& More Trash


     Christmas is approaching, and we are beginning to get into our holiday spirit.  But there is some things we may not have thought of about. Which is how much our wasteline increases during the holiday season due to some of the things we are prone to do during this time of the year. Such as the amount of wrapping paper and ribbon we use, how much food we waste, and the number of Christmas cards sent.

1.Wrapping Paper

      The holidays is a big time for gift exchange between friends and family members. We prevent the person receiving the gift of knowing what it contains, by wrapping it up in wrapping paper. But have you ever thought of how much wrapping paper we are using?

       Based on The Recycler’s Handbook, half of our paper waste is of wrapping paper and decoration products. Maybe we can cut down our use of wrapping paper by using alternatives, such as newspaper.

2. Ribbon

      Ribbon is a very popular decoration to give our gifts a festive touch during the holidays. But have you ever thought of reusing your ribbon for the next christmas?

      It is said in a ULS report, that if we reused just two feet of ribbon, we could collaboratively save 38,000 miles of ribbon, which could wrap around the whole world!


      During the holidays we tend to be surrounded by amazing food, so we feel the need to pile our plates up with some of everything. A lot of the times we are not able to finish our meal, and throw away our leftovers of perfectly edible food.

      It is also stated in the ULS report,  that the average person wastes over 100 pounds of edible food a year. That is 28 billion pounds combined! So during the holidays consider laying out one less cookie for Santa, and together we could reduce our food waste statistics by 2 million pounds!

4.Christmas Cards

      A popular holiday tradition is to send Christmas cards to our friends and family to wish them a happy holiday. You may find that towards the end of the holidays, that you have grown a pretty big collection of these cards, that could only leave you in wonder of how many cards are sent combined with the whole US?

      The answer to this question is answered by CalRecycle, who estimated that about 2.6 million Christmas cards are sold a year. This is enough cards to fill a football field ten stories high! To help cut down the amount of cards sold, and save trees, we could send our family and friends an electronic christmas card or maybe post a picture on social media as an alternative.

      Maybe consider making some adjustments to your holiday traditions,because it will definitely help cut down on our wasteline and prevent pollution in our environment.