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Swimming can be a great way to relieve stress after a long day of work, school or whatever you have. While in water you weigh 65% less which relieves the muscles in your body immensely as so much weight has been deducted from your body. The thing is, swimming is also a VERY competitive sport so while it lowers the stress on your bones it will cause a lot of stress mentally.    

Swimming stimulates brain chemistry which fosters the growth of nerve cells, it also affects neurotransmitters such as serotonin which influence mood and produces ANP, a stress relieving hormone that helps the brain’s response to stress as well as anxiety.

On a psychological level a hard swimming workout release endorphins which are natural a feel-good compounds it can also sop up excess fight or flight hormones, converting free-floating angist into muscle relaxation. Swimming can even promote so-called hippocampal neurogenesis the growth of brain cells in a part of the brain that atrophies under chronic stress.

Swimming can provide a mild amount of stress to your body in certain areas such as your knees, ankles, shoulders and parts of you neck. (Swimmer’s Shoulder) The shoulder is the joint most commonly injured and overused during swimming. Signs of this include: Inflammation in the biceps and supraspinatus. Swimmers knee more commonly known as breaststrokers knee is caused from over rotating the knee continuously while swimming breaststroke.

Another lesser known swimming problem is iron deprivation this is caused when someone does not eat enough food containing iron. No not giant chunks of iron the metal but small little particles that exist inside of your blood. Foods with iron are for instance peas. Peas have a good bit of iron so do Red meat, pork and poultry. As well as Seafood and Dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinach.

In our specific team we have had a series of coaches but the only one that has constantly been there is our head coach Matt. Matt was nearly an Olympian and didn’t make the team by around 0.5 seconds. He now trains us so we won’t have that 0.5 second loss. Our swim team name is Waves Aquatics