Harvest in our Dreams


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  Every school is unique in it’s own way. But they all have the same concept of teaching students education so they can be more successful when they go off into the real world. Although not any school can be completely perfect. So we decided to go around our school and ask some teachers and administrators the question ,  “If they had a magic wand and can change anything about the school, what would they change?”


  The responses ranged from physical changes of the school’s campus, to the personalities of our students.


Mrs Riddell: “One thing that I would probably change is the student teacher ratio, because I feel that if we had smaller classes the students would have a bigger opportunity to get more feedback”

Mrs. Jones: “I would like if all of the students picked up their trash, and did it because they knew it was the right thing to do.”

Mrs.Lewis: “Something I would like is if the campus was more inviting and better looking . It would have more plants, paths, and nice places it sit.”

Mr. Dela Fae: “ It would be great if all the students had more time to practice their spanish because being bilingual is very important for the students’ future”

Mrs.Fernandez: “I feel that the kids should have more time to eat and play”

Mrs.Genesis: “I would change the mascot and the school colors”

Mr.Johnson: “I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. You get what you get and don’t throw a fit!”

Mrs.Carroll: “A bigger garden”

Mrs.Medeiros: “Everybody to treat everyone with respect”

Mrs.Cowell: “I think it would be cool if the school day started at 9 instead of 8:15”

Mr.Paniagua: “I would want our school to have a video studio with green screens and places to interview people.”
  Through our responses we concluded that not everybody’s wishes and dreams are the same, and that is why no school is completely “perfect” in anyone’s mind.