Girl’s Basketball at HMS

Girl's Basketball at HMS

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At Harvest Middle School, there is a girls basketball team with every grade- 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. All of these grades are on different teams split by grade.

I think it’s really interesting that Harvest has a basketball team and I especially like that they have a different basketball team for each grade. We asked girls on the team why they decided to join along with who else is on the team, and here are some of their answers.

Ashley said, “I joined because I wanted to be on another basketball team and I thought it would be fun.”

Zoey said, “I wanted to play because I love basketball and have been playing basketball since I was five years old.”

Madison told Ashley and I that, “I decided to play because I’ve been playing basketball since I was three and I thought it would give me more time to practice.”

Kelly said, “Basketball is my favorite sport and I love it.”

Katie said, ¨I thought it would be fun.¨

Melissa said, ¨I thought it was interesting.¨

Maizy said, ¨Because I have always liked basketball.¨

Mikayla said, ¨Because I played it last year.¨

Julie said, ¨Because I like basketball.¨

Grecia said, ¨Because I really like basketball.¨

I think that having girls basketball at Harvest Middle School is a really great experience and I think that the people on the basketball team think so, too. I think that many girls love basketball and they love supporting their school. Many of these girls have played basketball before and they want to continue on another team because they thought it would be fun.