History of Harvest Middle School

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Have you ever wondered what’s the whole story behind Harvest Middle School? Well, I really never did but once I actually searched up about it, I was very interested. I learned a whole lot of things that not everyone knows.

Starting off, this school – now called Harvest Middle School – was originally named Mayacamas Junior High School because of the area it was located in, which was within the sight of the Mayacamas Mountains. Construction began in the year of 1953.

Once they started constructing it, they changed the school’s name to “Ridgeview Junior High” . They started selecting teachers from other Napa schools for they could start working at the new school, Mayacamas. Some teachers weren’t as happy to transfer to another school.

Once that was done, they discussed the mascot and the colors of the school. They were called “The Rebels” and the colors were scarlet and gray.

September 5, 1954 the first day of school, did not go well. Construction fell behind, not all classes had electricity, bells were not working, and the parking lots were not paved yet. After tie, they had completed everything. Keeping in mind that it was a 7th, 8th, & 9th grade school, but after a few years, Ridgeview became a 7th & 8th grade school along with Redwood and Silverado Junior Highschool .

In 1981 due to declining enrollment in the NVUSD , Ridgeview was one of the schools that had to be closed because of the new configuration now called middle schools. Today, Ridgeview is now a school called “Harvest Middle School” which opened on August 3, 2003 to all 6th, 7th & 8th graders .