Students Dream Jobs


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Middle school comes right before high school where you are incredibly close to college. In college, you will have to get a job to support yourself. The unfortunate thing is that not everybody gets a job that they like or enjoy. Here are some students who already have a good idea of what they want to be when they grow up.

Nathaniel Alvelo wants to be a video game designer when he grows up.

Timmy’s dream job is being a stand-up comedian.

Katie would like to be a lawyer.

Alyssa Michie enjoys making treats so she wants to be a pastry chef.

Samantha Ramirez has a passion for engineering so she wants to be a robotic engineer.

Isabella Margolis wants to be a psychologist so she can help study the brain.

Hailey would like to be a musician so she can express herself.

Jobs can determine a person’s life and well-being. Most people have at least one job that they do not like or enjoy in their lifetime. All of these students want to have totally different jobs and careers to pursue.