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There is a  new club forming here in HMS!!!


            Derrick Lindenau is the head of a new club called The Board Game Club and he is asking for board game donations that are school appropriate for his club. I asked Derrick some questions and he answered.

          How did you make this club?

I talked with Mrs.Banta about creating a new club and she helped me make it.

          Why a board game club?

Because I used to always play with board games and I also noticed that there wasn’t a board game club.

          When will this club open?

Near the end of February.

          Where will it be?

I haven’t decided yet but maybe in Ms. Fernández.

           What kind of board games do you want in particular?

Any games that are school appropriate like Monopoly.

We also have an electronic game club called The Entertainment center in Ms. Michalski’s room E4 only on Thursdays on lunch.