Harvest Got Talent

Harvest Got Talent

Harvest Got Talent started last year in 2016. Since the event was so successful and creative, teachers have decided to continue on with the annual event, and host another HGT in 2017. The date is set for March 6th, and all families, friends, and more are welcome. Tickets are free, however, if you wish to have a V.I.P. ticket and sit in a spot closer to the stage, you have to pay $6.00.

If you do happen to purchase a V.I.P. ticket, you get a free drink and a free snack during intermission time.

Last year if you did attend the talent show or were in the talent show, you know that everyone who auditioned was allowed to perform and act. However, this year the teachers decided to lower the chances of students performing since last year’s show was so long. Auditions are already over, however, at the auditions only thirteen students were allowed to perform. But, less than thirteen students auditioned so in the end all students were allowed to perform.

As in every Talent show, there has to be judges. Last year there were three judges, however, this year there is expected to be four. At last year’s show, a judge who happened to have a talk show invited each first, second, and third place winner to perform on his talk show, along with a grand cash prize.

In 2016, the show was the first week of February, and it turned out great. Many students performed, families, friends and more showed up to the event, and everyone had a great time, even those who performed but didn’t win first, second, or third place.

Talent shows always have a winner, and thanks to the Parent Faculty club helping Harvest, each first, second, and third place winner was allowed a grand prize.


1st Place- $150.00

2nd Place- $100.00

3rd Place- $50.00

The show has been great overall, and each student is anxious to perform and to see their peers perform as well. The date is coming up soon and the whole school hopes it will be great.

And if you wish for a special sneak peek, Mrs.Hurtado informed the Hawk News Team there would be a special performance by Harvest’s own teachers this year.