Say Something Week Award

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Say Something Week is a week to try to prevent gun violence before it happens. This Say Something Week started when, in New Connecticut, a school had a shooting that fatally injured 20 kids between 6-7 years of age. So Sandy Hook started to sponsor other schools that want to participate in Say Something Week.

October 24-28 is Say Something Week at Harvest. Over 1,000 schools across America participate in Say Something Week every year. The way to win the award is to apply for it, and also to participate in Say Something Week.

Harvest Middle school was one of the schools to apply for it and we won. The teacher who won the award is Ms Zorn, who teaches ELA and a Leadership class. Her 8th period Leadership class won the award for Say Something Week. HMS feels very honored to win this award out all the schools that they could have picked.

Interview with Ms Zorn:

Q: Who won the award?

A: The leadership class

Q: What’s the Say Something Award about?

A: Say something is a fundraiser made by the Sandy Hook Organization, which was started by two parents of the school. It’s to prevent bullying.

Q: When was the was it awarded?

A: January 24th, 2017

Q: When did Say Something Week begin?

A: It started 4 years ago, but Harvest started it last year.

Q: Why was your class chosen for Say Something Week?

A: Our school won because we raised the most awareness. We had it at the Fall Festival, and we kept up with it for 2 years. We also posted the most on Instagram.

Q:What did we win?

A:We won $1000. The press are coming from Washington DC, and it will be featured in magazines on March 6th.