Harvest Honor Roll

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Many parents say that school is their number one priority. Well, these kids worked hard, studied, and lived up to that expectation. These are the kids who got good enough grades got on the Honor Roll. The minimum GPA you can have to be on the honor roll is 3.25.

We asked 10 students who were on the honor roll the same questions. 1) What was you GPA? 2) Do you spend a lot of time on homework? 3) Do you like the classes you are in?

Maddy (7th grade) said that she got a 4.0 average, she does not spend that much time on homework but still gets it done, and she likes all of her classes. Carlo (6th grade) said that he has a 4.0 average, spends time on homework but not that much, and likes all of his classes. Alec (6th grade) got a 4.0 average as well, and does not spend that much time on homework. He also said he likes all of the classes he was put in. You’ll notice that all of these students like their classes, which makes us think that if kids enjoy their classes, they might be able to get better grades.

Now there are kids who got from a 3.9 average to a 3.3 average. ┬áDiego (7th grade) got a 3.8 average, he doesn’t spend enough time on homework, and he doesn’t like his classes. Lucy (7th grade) has a 3.6 average, she spends about 45 minutes working on her homework, and she likes almost all of her classes. Boden (7th grade) has a 3.4 GPA, spends time on his homework, and doesn’t like his classes. These kids work hard enough to get good grades, but if they don’t like their classes (which they mostly don’t) then they can’t get all A’s.

Lastly, there are people who got an average from 3.25 to 3.2. Elizabeth (8th grade) told us that she got a 3.50 GPA and she doesn’t spend that much time on her homework, and she only likes some of her classes. Natalia said that she received a 3.25 grade point average, she doesn’t like doing homework, and she doesn’t like any of her classes. Chase told us that his GPA was a 3.25 and he does not do his homework, and that he doesn’t like his classes. Manuel explained that he got the same GPA as Chase, and he doesn’t do his homework because he doesn’t like his classes.

As you can see, the students who got higher GPA’s paid attention more and therefore got better grades. Also, if you do your final project (summative) very well, you don’t really need to do your homework. Of course, you should always do the assignments that your teachers give you, because it is like extra practice for what you learned in school, so that you don’t forget. So, if you were on the honor roll, congratulations, and if you weren’t if you work hard then you will probably be able to be on it this semester. Work hard and it will be much easier to get on honor roll.

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