Fallout 4


Today I will be telling you about the game Fallout 4.

This game is a survival, 1st/3rd person shooter game. It starts out when your wife, your robot, and your baby son are in your house acting how the usual video game family would, sipping on coffee and watching the news, and then all of a sudden on the news it reported that a nuclear warfare is gonna happen.

So then (right before the news said the nuclear warfare)you talk to this vault-tec guy and sign up so you can go to this vault so you won’t die from the nuclear explosion. You end up saying yes to this, and yes to that and your assigned to the vault. When your signed up for the vault and the news said the warfare is happening soon you will rush out of your house and go to the vault. You say that you have a wife and a son, and they let you. So you go down into the vault and you get into their vault suit, vault 111, and go in this chamber type pod, and then the pod starts filling with nitrogen gas, right before your entirely frozen. They shoot your wife in the head and steel your baby son and afterwards you seek revenge and try to go after them and you get a power suit called TF-45 power armor, and once you get the commonwealth mission then you get the power armor on the roof and they send you after to go get it and you ripoff the minigun off a wartabird(chopper)and you fight a boss called the deathclaw and right now I’m just gonna tell you how far I got and I have all the power armor and I have an alien space rifle fat boy where it does 1884 damage and you shoot mini nukes which is freaking awesome! Also you can get a flaming minigun and you also get a ice minigun and I don’t know what happens at the end but at one part you can go to a factory and you raid it and stuff and that is all I have today folks, so thank you and I’ll be posting once a month thank you and comeback next time! (Hopefully please)