What Sports do kids like at HMS in 2017


I went around asking a few kids what their favorite sport is at harvest middle school, and the data I collected was fabulous!!

Jonathan Rivas said that he thinks all sports are very fun in many ways but if he had to choose out of all sports my favorite one would be soccer, because the running and sportsmanship you can do is very fun and active and its a good exercise.

Joseph Caballero said he doesn’t think much of any sports but he said the one sport he likes playing a lot is football because its fun to hit people and catch the ball to make touchdowns and score he said it overall one of the best sports.

Brian Mendoza said that he thinks soccer is the best because he said all the other sports are stupid and there is no point to those sports, and he said that soccer is very meaningful and active and easy to play compared to other sports he said soccer will get you in the best shape.

Joshua Mundt said that he thinks football is the most fun because he said the sport is very fun and it will give you muscle and its a good exercise and a well known sport to many people.

James Lopez said that he thinks basketball is the most fun because it is just fun to relax and shoot hoops on his free time, and he said its also fun to play serious games with your friend at a park or school and that its fun to dribble the ball and have fun with the game.

So to me it looks like most people chose soccer out of most sports because it is the most active and people like to have fun in that sport but the second favorite sport is football. Thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!!

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