Beat Boxing



Beat Boxing is a talent where you can make special effects/sounds with your mouth like the k-snare, the lip roll, the siren, the water drop, the bass (different variants are there to), and other things too.

You all are probably thinking ‘Well why would want do this thing called Beat Boxing?’. It does have a purpose but it’s for like impressing your friends and it can be really cool because when you see a video about it you will probably think it’s going to be easy. Well I’m gonna tell you right now it’s not because you have to start with basics.

It’s easy but then you get to the inward click roll and water drop. Then you will be like ‘How do these people do these things?’. Well, lots of them practice. It took them mostly 3-10 years to be really good, no joke, and what this beat boxing skill is great for is for your friends, your family, and the school talent show. I got first place, and I won $50 and a gift card to Golden Corral. It was awesome.

What inspired me to do beat boxing was watching a few Beat Boxing Youtubers and their channels are jerqobeats ozealous Mr wobbles codfish boots’n’cats. My favorite video of ozealous is dubstep beatbox. It’s awesome because ozealous is a beast at beatboxing. jerqo beats is pretty cool, his dubstep is super good. Mr.wobbles is good too, his wobble bass is on point and codfish boots’n’cats used to be known as b1nny f1uff and he is a dubstep god as far as I know. Any dubstep beatboxing youtuber in the youtube history is so cool.