The Iditarod is a 10,48-mile dog sled race with 70 contenders, Each sled team consists of 15-16 dogs and 1 musher.  Did you know that there is an Iditarod racer that is from here Napa Valley his name is Jeff King, He was born and raised here in Napa Valley California until he graduated high school and left to Alaska seeking adventure, He is now 61 and has won 4 different times in the Iditarod his first time winning was in 1993, second time in 1996, third time in 1998 and his most recent win was in 2006.

Jeff king suffered a tragic loss last year during the race a drunken man on a snowmobile going 80 mph struck Jeff and his dogs killing his favorite dog Nash and injuring two more of his dogs but even after this tragic loss King kept trucking on through the race and saw it through the end.

This year is Jeff Kings 36th Iditarod race although losing his lead dog last year he decided to keep doing the race he loves so much, Over the years he has placed in the top 10 contenders 20 times he has also been the champion of the race 4 times in the 36 years of doing this race King has earned $921,244.78.

If you wanted to meet Jeff King he does summer tours of his house and most hotels in his area offer transportation to his home some of the things you can do while there are cuddle a puppy, meet champion racing dogs or even see summer training for the dogs preparing for next winter. Here is a link to a video of a house tour with Jeff            Watch Tour Video →

At the time of writing this the first 6 mushers have finished and have set a new record for fastest time ever completing the Iditarod, Mitch Seavey finished at 8 days 3 hours 40 minutes and 13 seconds his son Dallas Seavey finished in second place at 8 days 6 hours 24 minutes and 31 seconds both setting new records for the fastest time ever completing the Iditarod.

Update; Jeff King ended up finishing 11th place this year. 9 days, 49 mins.