Are Harvest Teachers and Students Fighting for Their Lives?

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Injuries at Harvest Middle School:  Getting hurt is something that is never fun, but it leaves you with an interesting story to tell in the future. That is the reason we went around our campus at Harvest Middle School and asked teachers and students what their worst injury was and what was the cause.


Sophia Kroll: “ My worst injury was when I fractured my ankle playing soccer”


Ryan O’Conner: “ I broke my foot from hitting it on a boat dock”


Grace Sedgley: “One time I stepped on a really sharp rock and it cut off a part of my toe”


Mrs.Carroll: “ I broke my finger from lifting a really heavy TV”


Mrs.Oja: “When I was younger I used to play in the snow all the time, and one time I was going down a hill on a disc sled and I fell off and hurt my tailbone”


Jordan Calderon: “My worst injury was when I broke my arm playing football”


Mr.Scharff: “ I got into a really bad car accident and fractured two places in my skull, that caused me to be in coma for 3 days.”


Mr. Martinez: “I had my appendix removed  was off school for about 2 weeks,and I actually could’ve died if the school nurse wouldn’t of sent me home.”


Ms.Genesis: “ I broke my elbow running down a slide.”


Mrs.Momsen: “ Counting my humiliating fall at the game, I’ve broken my wrist 2 times and have gotten too many stitches to be able to count.”
    Now you know how some of your fellow students and beloved teachers at harvest got hurt. Remember, hawks with broken wings can’t soar, so be safe! A friendly reminder from Sofia and Brooke!

Image result for injuries clipart