HMS Pi Day 2017

3.1415926535897… What is that?, PI. On Tuesday, March 14 it was officially PI day at Harvest, and we did many PI related activities such as Hoola-Hooping, PI pudding eating contest, PI relay, PI calculation race and finally reciting PI.

In the Hoola-Hooping competition, many competed during milk break, but only three continued to the finals. The finalists were 8th grade Charlie Blanchard, 6th grade Josie Taylor and finally 7th grade Sydney. Unfortunately only one could win at the finals, and the first place winner was 7th grade Sydney, Second place winner 8th grade Charlie, and in last place 6th grade Josie Taylor.

After the Hoola-Hoop competition, we did the PI relay, the participants of the 8th-grade team were Garcia, Yahir Pena-Corral, Axel Briseno, Mikayla McDowell, Julian Munos, Ruby Gorr, Brian Mendoza, Charlie Blanchard, Samantha Ramirez, Cameron Wickersham. The 7th-grade team was Zoe Petrie, Sadie Carpenter, Cameron Paterson, Douglass Bozzini, Lauren Hoskins, Amelia Leeman, Madeline Surh, Diego Davis, Ryan Slusher, Jack Lucier, and finally, our 6th-grade team consisted of Jackie Ramirez, Rocco Burgen, Alec Warren, and Katie Goldie. The First place winner of the PI relay was 8th grade, second place 7th grade and finally coming in 3rd, 6th grade.

In the PI calculation, Caity Newburn and Kyle Hadeler were the 7h grade team, Lexi Sario and Valentino Ocho represented 8th grade. The first place winner for the PI calculation was 8th grade, the second place went to 7th, and 3rd place went to went to 6th grade.

Pi eating participants for 8th grade were Honor Steffan, Cole Lex, Celeste O’Brien, and Ike Rubin. 7th grade was Ruby Gonzales, Andrew Barrios, Anthony Cruz, and Madi Gual. 1st place went to 8th grade, 2nd to 7th grade and, 3rd place to 6th grade.

The only Pi recitation was a 6th grade Calo Dieanni with reciting 92 digits of Pi.