Harvest Special Electives

Harvest Middle School is unique because we are IB.  That isn’t the only difference though, we also have special electives.  This includes theater, animation, journalism, design, and gardening.  Read all about these electives and let us know which one you prefer.



Theater is an acting class taught by Ms. Landin.  Theater helps teach acting and goes through various exercises that helps keep your expressions in character.




Animation is an elective for all grades taught by Mr. DeMarco.  They learn how to animate, draw, and learn about drawing techniques (shading, angles, light, highlighting, etc.) In animation they use the art cycle to make animations on toon boom.  They learn how to record sounds and voices and transfer them into an animation. Their current summative is making a short PSA about social issues using Super Heros and Villains.  The advanced class is doing the same just not with heroes and villains.




We asked Mr. Joe Paniagua what journalism is and he responded,

“In general it is communicating current events that are important and entertaining, and to report with accuracy,and always looking for the truth.” -Mr. Paniagua

In a journalism class for 7-8th graders at HMS it is usually very different from any other class in the school you can go out with cameras to take pictures of things around campus that you need for your story.  you can also go out with a notepad and go ask teacher or students questions for you story as well.  





Tech and Design is taught by Mr. Meeks. Tech and Design is an elective that helps students develop the skills of technology and designing models and structures. Tech Design is during 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 8th period. Mr. Meeks says that tech design is,”creative thinking and skillful use” it’s,”Problem solving with your hands.”  One project that is going on right now is the wooden dragsters.  The students design and build cars to race, at the end of the unit all of the class.  winners race to designate the grand winner.



 Gardening is a class for all grades that helps take care of almost all the plants at harvest and manages all HMS gardens. They take care of the chickens, which includes feeding, cleaning, and collecting eggs (eggs are sold to get money to provide for the chickens).  The main crops are grown specifically in the summer and the winter.  The winter produce is broccoli, kale, cauliflower, beets, radishes, and snap peas. The summer crops are tomatoes, squash, green beans, eggplants.  The years round produce is carrots and green beans.  Most students enjoy gardening because it’s a class outdoors,