Preview of Prey

Prey is a new up and coming space survival, physiological horror game set to be released on may fifth. The game will be available for Pc, Xbox and PS4.

This game is a reboot of the 2006 game Prey. I personally have been very excited about this game because it looks like almost everything I like in a first-person shooter. Some of these features are a wide variety of enemies and bosses, a wide variety of alien and human powers that you can use to evade traps and kill enemies, one of my favorite features is the fabrication system, the fabrication system allows you to use materials to create new items.

From the trailer and teasers it looks like the graphics and textures are incredible. In the game you play as Morgan Yu and you are stranded on a space station called the Talos 1 where a strange alien called the Typhons takes over the station and your goal is to survive with the supplies that you find in the station. So far there are 8 different alien enemies that you can encounter on the station, different sphere enemies  8 different abilities, and six weapons you can use to defend yourself. The entire game is open world but there are some places that are off limits until you get a certain achievement or item.