International Baccalaureate at HMS

Harvest Middle School has something that not many other schools in Napa have. International Baccalaureate, or IB, for short. IB focuses on 10 main traits for students to work on, which are caring, reflective, thinker, principled, risk-taker, balanced, inquirer, communication, open-minded, and knowledgeable. Over the course of two weeks, we interviewed students and took pictures. We even got an interview with Mrs. Ready, who is our principal. Here are some of the things students told us about IB.

What does IB mean to you?

Celia Hurtado said that IB meant, “Being prepared,” and Juan Tovar told us he thought IB was, “Caring for others.”

What profile traits do you mostly use?

Boden Cooke said he mostly used the risk taker trait, and Mikaela Hilliyer told us she mostly uses the caring IB trait.

Do you think International Baccalaureate is important?

Every single student that we interviewed told us that IB was either important or definitely important to the school.

How does International Baccalaureate affect your studies?

Sheila Torres said “It helps me be organized and stay on task”

What is the most important IB trait in your opinion

Lucy Miller said “Principled, caring,” and Jared Aguirre said “Being principled”

As you can see IB is helpful for the students at our school and can teach them traits that they will use when they are older.